Lazy Squirrel




Allo or Whatsapp your needs and relax.

Juicy Fruits

Get refreshed with our Fresh Juicy Fruits.

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  • Famous Restaurants

    We deliver foods from all the corners of your neighbourhood.

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  • Fresh Vegetables

    Get fresh Vegetables at your door step.

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  • Fresh Flowers

    Get fresh Flowers at your door step.

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  • Luxury Laundry

    Our laundry service can make you feel cozy with your clothes.

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  • Necessary Stationary

    Get your necessary stationary items at your doorstep.

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  • Emergency Medicine

    Get your emergency medicine on requirement.

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  • Regular Grocery

    Get your regular grocery items at your doorstep.

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  • Squirrel Lift

    Get yourself transported to your destination.

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  • Pick Up and Drop

    We can pick up almost anything and drop anywhere for you.

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  • Instant Cash

    convert your digital currancy into cash for emergency purposes.

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  • Quality Print Out

    Email us your valuable documents and get delivered.

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  • Hot Bakery

    Get bakeries almost anywhere anytime.

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